Life is about freedom of movement, freedom of choice, and the ability to express who you are as an individual. Life is also about feeling good, finding balance and having the ability to completely relax, be stress AND pain free while having enough energy to enjoy what makes you happy.


Have you ever tried to tone up and get fit by performing long, hard strenuous workouts, or diet ‘endlessly’ without seeing any major results? If yes, it means you already have what it takes to make a start, and all you need to do now is take the next step.


Did you know there are a few CRUCIAL steps that determine your success? These steps or elements are the key factors that when applied, will make ALL the difference when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Stop fighting with your mind! Nourish your body, give it what it needs and it will reward you with vigour, health and a physique you’ll be proud.



۞ Tired of being in constant pain and want to do something about it?

۞ Need to strengthen, stretch, release, massage, rebalance or re-align?

۞ Did you recently break a bone, torn, sprained or strained a ligament, tendon or muscle?

۞ Looking for rehabilitation to recover after a recent injury, illness or surgery?

۞ Having trouble sticking to, or understanding your recovery program?

۞ Do you have tight and stiff muscles and/or joints, such as your hips and lower back?

۞ Tired of being limited and restricted in your movement?

۞ Need some guidance and support to regaining full health, strength and flexibility?

۞ Do you want to improve how you feel and move, have more muscular endurance, greater joint stability, more flexibility and better balance?


The CoreFit Recovery Program is geared for individuals in the Airlie Beach, Cannonvale and Whitsundays areas. Clients have injured themselves, are in constant pain, require rehabilitation and/or require customized support to regain their optimal health, strength and flexibility. Recovery rehabilitation is extremely personal and safe. We use myofascial release and state of the art techniques to meet your unique needs. If you require physical therapy or sports rehabilitation then take part in this program to safely and effectively heal.aragraph.